Making Clear Even Clearer

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Think your pool water is clear? It might be possible to make it even clearer, and I speak from experience. A couple of years ago I had the chance to try a 30 Day Clear Blue Cube on my own pool, and I became a huge fan, literally overnight. It was early season and my pool was just getting to the point of being pretty much clear. I added a Clear Blue Cube to the pump basket, restarted the pump and went in for the evening. The next morning, I was walking past the pool on the way to the shed. I did a double take. The water was unbelievably clear, and I became a true believer and a regular user. And I have made converts here around the store. Sometimes on new inground pool installations dirt from the construction will make the new pool’s water cloudy. My inground construction coordinators now come to me for a Clear Blue Cube to add to these new pools needing a little help in the clarity department as the past couple of seasons they have seen with their own eyes the amazing work of this little blue cube. Small. Powerful. East to use. Inexpensive. 30 Day Clear Blue Cubes really will make your pool water as clear as you have ever seen it.