Mira Recreation Series

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We have been carrying the Mira line of spas for about 10 years now. They have always been a popular sellers because of their tremendous value. Mira has widened their product lines extensively over the years and they have gotten better all time. Our standard Mira series has been our most popular spas for a long time but this no longer is the case. Our customers have voted with their money and the enhanced high flow jetting and mo re control over which jets the massage flows has been something the Mira Recreation Series has provided. With this line of spas one gets the quality of massage that one would normally expect from a much higher dollar spa. It doesn’t hurt that this value packed line of spas offers some of the add on features such as Blue Tooth stereo and LED lighting on would only expect to get on high dollar spa lines. If you are in the market for a spa, please stop by and take a look. If you do, pay special attention to all the large, high flow oscillating jets.