Mother Nature

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The calendar still says winter and Mother Nature seems to be playing along with this script, but anyone that has been around Cincinnati any time at all knows that with a seeming flip of the switch spring can be here. Need I remind anyone of the Polar Vortex a couple of weeks ago that was followed a couple of days later by a 60 degree or close to it day? A couple of things are certain, time flies and before you know it great spring and summer weather will be here. Its time to start thinking outside!

While thinking outside take a good look at your outdoor casual furniture. Is it worn out? Out of date? Uncomfortable? Just plain ugly? Worse yet is it non-existent? Rectify these problems and check out Eastgate Pools. The past few weeks have been a flurry of activity here as some showroom remodeling was followed by many sets of 2019 furniture finding their way to the showroom floor. Our selection of the latest styles and colors for 2019 from great manufacturers like Telescope Casual and Berlin Gardens is huge, but we also have a tremendous selection of 2018 models and they have been priced to move. When spring is solidly here, you’ll be relaxing in comfort and style!