Picnic Tables Without Splinters

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Growing up, my family had a wooden picnic table. We seldom used it as a dining table, however, it was a fun place to sit and talk. We had to be careful though, as a shift in position or a ‘slide-over’ request could result in a splinter. Consequently, the fun was tempered by the constant fear of injury to…well, you get it. Then came the ‘un-fun’.

Ours was a democratic family but my Dad had the only vote that counted. Therefore, it was no surprise that I was unanimously elected Annual Director of Table Repair. To clarify, I was a team of one. First, I’d sand the benches and the top. Secondly, cracks would get the wood putty treatment. Thirdly, I’d sand again. Additionally, Dad decreed that the wood should be sealed after the final sanding and before painting. Lastly came the paint job and I even had to repaint the underside of the table. Heaven forbid someone drop something and they see an unpainted underside! Wood table annual maintenance? Not fun. Judge for yourself: https://thecraftsmanblog.com/how-to-refinish-outdoor-furniture/

This was a yearly ritual. By the time that old table ultimately made it onto the annual fall bonfire, the fun was long gone.

All-weather innovation to the rescue!

Sure, you can still find wooden picnic tables, but why would you want one? That is to say, wouldn’t it be much nicer to avoid the endless cycles of sanding, puttying, sealing, and repainting? Technological advancements via synthetic components permit just this. Eastgate Pools & Spas carries picnic tables constructed of marine grade and recycled polymers making them virtually maintenance free. However, style has not been sacrificed for ease of ownership. In other words, you’ll love your beautiful table for many years with no sanding or painting…ever. As a result, your likely only maintenance will be an occasional spray off with the garden hose.

Choose from a traditional table with two bench seats or get creative with an octagonal design. It’s a great table for a game of cards or a board game, as well as being a classy dining option.

  • Berlin Gardens Octagon Picnic Table

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    Telescope Plymouth Bay Picnic Table

In short, skip the maintenance and the splinters.

Back when I was painting that old wooden table, I swore I’d never have my own when I was older. But, due to polymeric technology, I’ve changed my mind and will be adding one to my deck this spring. In conclusion, there will be no sanding, sealing, puttying, or painting, and perhaps best of all, no splinters.