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Thinking Summer Yet?

As I see the thermometer plunging into single digit numbers, I know it’s time. Time to think warmth and outdoor fun where shorts and tees are the norm, not thermals and parkas. Okay, I’ll confess. I’m just not a winter person, but that doesn’t make me wrong, either. I’m betting there are lots of similar-minded people out there. Outdoor fun…warm outdoor fun…can’t get here soon enough. It’s time to make plans. And it’s time to act.

I’m not talking about taking a trip to Florida, the Caribbean, or some other place where its warm. I’m talking about taking action to be ready when warmer days arrive here. Many people are making plans to turn their backyard or deck into the family go-to spot. Good for them. But if it stops at just planning, that’s not good enough. Like I stated, it’s time to act. Let’s look at a few product examples and see why now is the time to buy.

Swimming pools.

Whether you are considering an in-ground, above-ground, or hybrid pool, there are big advantages to contracting now. Firstly, people who buy their pool during the winter almost always save money. It’s easy to find pre-season specials that are significantly below what the price will be in spring or summer. Secondly, buyers now will be at or near the top of the list for early-season installation. This is especially true of above-ground pools where a May 15 purchase may not be built until late June or even early July. And while an above-ground or hybrid pool is often built in one day, an in-ground pool takes considerably longer. As such, we are always booked months in advance and usually fill all installation slots early. Lastly, with above-ground and hybrid pools, we frequently sell out of many individual models and sizes. Selection is best right now and may even include super deals on closeouts from last year’s models.

Outdoor furniture.

Like above-ground pools, there are deals on sets and individual pieces remaining from last year’s inventory. Leftovers? Hardly. These are frequently the previous year’s best sellers and levels were left so low, remaining stock needs cleared. Design changes or a manufacturer’s price increase may have made it unfeasible to feature it again this year. Plus, we need to keep the showroom ‘fresh’ with new looks and designs.

Speaking of new designs, Eastgate Pools has already received a massive amount of this year’s inventory. With low preseason prices and our best selection for the year, your opportunity to find the perfect set is now.

Hot tubs.

While I believe that winter is a great time to enjoy a hot tub, it seems many buyers feel differently. This is actually our slowest time of the year for hot tub sales. But that can be a big plus for people looking for a deal. Inventory is good, and we will soon head into our hottest (pun intended) hot tub sales time. As such, we’d like to clear space for even more soon-to-arrive inventory. This leads to a special offer for current hot tub owners looking to trade up. We have found that the number one reason people don’t upgrade is: “What do I do with the old one?” They are big, heavy, and hard to dispose of. Our offer is to haul away the old one and dispose of it when the buyer purchases a new tub from us. This is a service that normally cost as much as $500, but with this offer, it’s FREE. There are some limitations based on access for our crew to safely do the job and the potential for property damage. Our crew’s safety and the concern for your property is always Job #1 for us. With a signed purchase order, we will gladly do a no-charge inspection to make sure we can do the job. If we can’t, we’ll void the purchase and refund your deposit in full.

This is a limited time offer and is exclusively for hot tub owners located in our service area. For full details, stop in and talk with one of our sales professionals.

Big Green Egg grills.

Simply put, there is no off-season when you have a Big Green Egg. I recently visited family living just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. There was six inches of snow on the deck and more on the way. But a path was shoveled, and the Egg fired up. The cook wore a winter parka and boots opposed to summer shorts and sandals. I feasted on an amazingly delicious, juicy steak. The next day it was wings.

As people endure winter cold and snow, there are special deals out there. And like we say, you don’t stop eating in the winter so why stop grilling?

In summary…

This is simply a good time to get a great deal on home leisure products from Eastgate Pools. It’s time to act.