Pool Kings

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Eastgate Pools has built its reputation on building beautiful back yard pools at an affordable price. There is a show on HGTV called Pool Kings and they specialize in extremely high end projects. While Eastgate Pools does not specialize in building custom waterfalls, rock water slides and other custom amenities, we can and do a lot more higher end additions to pools such as sun decks, benches, and automatic pool covers. It seems that the market has changed to more of these additions to pools in which the lady of the house can relax on a raised platform with a lounge chair and soak in the sun. I have a sneaking suspicion the market is shifting towards these types of additions because of the show Pool Kings. It gets brought up in a lot of the conversations that I have with customers.

Whether you are looking for a standard inground rectangle pool in which the kids can jump in after soccer practice or you are looking to do your dream pool, give Eastgate Pools a call and talk to one of our designers. We specialize in summer fun!