Rain, Rain!

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I am not one of those people that has my nose in my phone or computer screen all day, though I certainly know the type well, and I admit to still getting most of my news the old fashioned way, so maybe I will be off somewhat factually when I say that the wettest spring in 100-years has certainly been a challenge for many professions. Sure, it has been tough on the pool business, after all, it sure is hard to build a pool when it rains 60% of the days, but the #1 profession I feel for is the farmers. A challenging and difficult profession that only gets more difficult when Mother Nature doesn’t play nicely. I keep seeing and hearing how far the farmers are behind in getting crops planted and I believe I heard in many cases it was getting too late to plant even if the recent dry weather continues. All of us will share in the pain of the wet spring when food prices rise, but most of us will not really feel the full pain like the farmer and his family. Keep them in your thoughts!