Salt system advantages

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Most customers have heard of a salt system by now. The decision whether or not get one can be tough. Out of our last roughly 500 pools, all but 1 has gone with salt. The reason our sales guys push so hard to get our customers on the system is, ease of use. There is a rather large learning curve in the day to day care of taking care of a pool. The biggest and simplest thing that make it tough for customers to keep a clean sanitary pool is not being consistent with their chlorine levels. A salt system keeps the chlorine level in a pool automatically, so it takes the learning curve out of the equation. It sounds like keeping a constant level of chlorine in the pool should be relatively easy. Well, sorry to tell you it is not. We all have busy lives and its rather hard to keep an eye on the pool all the time. If the pool goes a day or two without chlorine, then an algae bloom breaks out. If you ever heard of the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Well, that is the situation people get in when an algae breaks out. Except they don’t usually put in a pound of cure. They first go with a few ounces of cure and a day or two later 4 ounces of cure and the problem continues. To sum this up, if chlorine would have stayed constant in the pool, the algae problem never would have surfaced and the pool would have remained clean and inviting looking. Salt system simply do a fantastic job of keeping chlorine in the pool easy and will make your summer much more enjoyable.