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The Swimming Pool for Virtually Any Yard

If you’re thinking about getting a family swimming pool, consider one that’s a little different. The Sensation Pool can be installed like a traditional above-ground pool or totally in the ground. Perhaps best of all, it can go in between. Built into a sharp hillside, it may be buried to ground-level in the hill while fully exposed at ground zero. As you’ll see in our Eastgate Pools owners’ photos, Sensation Pools are hybrid pools, perfect for multiple yard conditions.

Engineering matters!

Sensation Pools’ unique engineering starts with a two-inch thick wall. Two sheets of 5052-grade aluminum encase a core of closed-cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). This combination makes for a strong, pressure-resistant wall capable of holding back tons of earth. The coping rail on top secures the beautiful, beaded liner and features a second receptor for the winter cover.

Due to the advanced engineering found in Sensation Pools, the buyer is not limited to traditional round or oval designs. Sensation Pools also offer a freeform pool, quite similar to a Mountain Lake inground pool. 

Now, let’s look at some applications.

As a traditional above-ground pool.

Many of our customers simply want something different. They want a pool with a unique, clean look that can withstand time (and rambunctious kids). It’s also much easier to build a deck around a Sensation Pool. Just take the deck right to the outer edge, leaving the coping and winter receptor accessible. 

For the do-it-yourselfer, a Sensation Pool is much easier to build than a traditional above-ground. There is no steel wall to unroll and place in a bottom track. No top rails, stabilizer bars, or side posts to install. Just join the wall sections and check your work as you go. Most homeowners that build traditional above-ground pools count on a weekend or two for the job. A Sensation Pool built on moderately level ground in a traditional on-ground setting may be completed in a day.

As an inground pool.

It’s simple. Just bury the pool in the ground. The structure can take it. Plus, much of the post-installation work can be performed by the homeowner. This helps keep the project cost down and makes a Sensation Pool quite affordable. For example, take the backfill. While some people simply backfill all around with dirt, Eastgate Pools recommends a gravel backfill. When the homeowner performs the job, it’s extremely affordable. At the base, place a perforated drain line with sump well. Layer in the gravel on top, then finish with the decking of choice. If you have questions, call us and we can guide you through the work.

As a little of both.

Okay—your backyard has a good slope. What to do? Well, this is the perfect scenario for a Sensation Pool. For a traditional inground pool, this may result in terraced landscaping and retaining walls. For an above-ground pool, that is a definite. Rolled steel walls simply cannot provide structural support. They may look fine at first, but if you drain the pool to change the liner, the wall may collapse. There is simply too much pressure from the hillside and none inside the pool to equalize it. Plus, even the best traditional above-ground pools will rust over time when groundwater is constantly held against the wall.

I’ve always said that there is good money spent and bad money spent. Good money spent is on pool floats, auto-cleaners, pool chaises, fantastic lighting, and a fun pool fountain. Bad money spent is in an ugly retaining wall that serves no purpose other than holding back a hill. Except in cases of uber-extreme slope, there is almost never a need for a retaining wall with a Sensation Pool.

A Sensation Pool in a sloped back yard may be the perfect choice for the family pool. Plus, by avoiding costly retaining walls, it may even be the cheapest solution. 

Summing it all up.

Sensation Pools provide a unique look and incredible versatility. As you can see from these photos supplied by Eastgate Pool patrons, it’s easy to create an amazing backyard masterpiece. All that’s needed is a little vision, imagination, and a Sensation Pool.