Swim And A Show

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Recently my wife and I were lazily floating in the pool on our water noodles when we were treated to a nature show in the treetops of our backyard. For the past two years, there has been a pair of hawks nesting in a large tree at a home that sits on a street behind us. Their name by the way is the Hectors. Mr. and Mrs. Hector that is. I won’t say who named them, but it might have been me. Anyways, we were floating around in the pool and Mr. or Mrs. Hector flew over the pool and landed up in one of our trees. Hector proceeded to sit in the same spot for a good 10 minutes or so, occasionally spreading his or her wings. Wow, what a wingspan. When they fly over you can certainly see their size, but when they are sitting still and aren’t too far away, it is amazing how large their wingspan really is. We kept on viewing this beautiful bird until it must have been time to head out to hunt for food for the calling babies that we could hear. Thank you, Mr. or Mrs. Hector, for adding to the enjoyment of our pool. We are glad you choose our neighborhood to raise your family once again this year.