The Nature Show Continues

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A while back, I wrote about a family of hawks who have lived in my neighborhood the past two years (or maybe longer) and what a thrill it has been to watch them raise a family both years. Their nature show continues. The past 2 Saturday mornings as I get my day started with a relaxing soak in the spa, I have been able to watch the Hectors as I affectionately call them as they too start their day. Both Saturday mornings I was able to watch them fly away from their nest, sit high up in one of the trees in my yard, fly out of sight again and then ultimately return to their nest obviously carrying their breakfast. As someone who loves viewing wildlife, watching the Hectors never gets old. The fact that I can watch them while drinking a cup of coffee and soaking away aches and pains makes it even better. In my opinion, just another reason to own a spa!