The Problem With Social Media

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When you see the included photo, do you see three, that’s three rocks? Neither do I which is good. Means my yearly eye appointments are keeping my vision acceptable or it means I learned to count at some point. Or both! The reality is that a customer recently posted a 1-star review saying that the installer hit three rocks and stopped the install. Wow! “Three rocks” is just a little bit of an exaggeration. When my installer sent the photo, I thought I was looking at the side of I-75 in the mountains of Tennessee or something. (Yes, that is a joke and an exaggeration.) I saw the photo and then read the review again. How can someone in good conscious call this three rocks? Maybe three large slabs of rock that prevented the pool from being able to be built properly, but not three rocks. And yet in today’s world someone can so easily post a review with what is essentially a lie, and it is out there to tarnish a person or a company’s reputation. I know social media is here to stay, but it would be nice if people would remember to treat others as they want to be treated; fairly! As this picture so clearly shows, “three rocks” is not a fair assessment of the issue. Enough said!