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Special Valentine’s Day Gifts

The pressure is on. 

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I’d throw out some ideas for gift-giving. First, let’s make one thing clear: I’m not a candy, flower, or necktie person. Candy. Just what someone needs that’s still paying for Christmas time overindulgence. And as for flowers, yes, they look pretty for a few days. Then comes the wilting, drooping, and soon-thereafter contribution to the garbage can or compost pile. As for neckties, I prefer to pick out my own fashion disaster and don’t need any help. And they usually have short lives because they quickly end up with spaghetti or barbeque sauce stains. 

Here is a short list of alternative gift ideas. The Option #1 issues are pretty grand, but if you really want to make a commitment statement, consider these. If you are more budget-minded, or if your significant other already has the Option #1 item, see Option #2. 

Get yourself in a little hot water.

You can do this one of two ways. Give a gift that is obviously meant to just satisfy the I got you a present…Hope you like it scenario. This is the minimalist approach and might just get you an all-night visit to the sofa. The second way is my Option #1: Go all out and buy your bestie a hot tub. Before you dismiss this as insane and expensive, remember that this isn’t a one-day present. It will last for many years, and everyone will feel better when sharing private times. Or, have a party.

Option #2 works great if you already have a hot tub. Think soothing fragrances and scents, sure to enhance any hot tub session. Plus, with Eastgate Pools’ White River scents, or ‘flavors’, this is your chance to impress. Their best-selling flavor is Monkey Farts (I kid you not). Now there’s a gift that will raise some eyebrows! Don’t let the name fool you. It smells…amazing.

Add some fire to your romance.

This is easily accomplished with my Option #1. Get a Big Green Egg ceramic smoker grill. Who doesn’t love a great steak, chop, or rack of ribs, cooked perfectly over a bed of natural lump charcoal. For the Grill Master extraordinaire, there is no finer culinary tool on which to smoke, roast, grill, or even bake.

If you already have an Egg or another kamado-style grill, let’s move straight to Option #2. All grillers need and appreciate grilling accessories. Start with specialty barbeque tools. No, I’m not talking about basic spatulas and tongs. I’m talking Big Green Egg grill tables, pizza stones, and meat infusers. Is your budget…shot? Hey, nothing says I love you quite like a bag of Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal. Better get two to be on the safe side.

A gift of leisure and style.

Imagine this if you will: It’s a beautiful evening and you’re relaxing outside. The stars are twinkling and a cool breeze graces the air. A candle softly flickers as you lightly touch your wine glass to your partner’s and nod a silent toast. Life is good. And it’s all because you went big and chose this Option #1. For Valentine’s Day, you bought that new outdoor furniture the two of you had been considering.

Okay, mushiness aside, you get the picture. A quality set of deck or sunroom furniture is a special Option #1 gift. It can be both practical and stylish, and more importantly, comfortable. Eastgate Pools features poly, cast aluminum, and traditional furniture from Telescope Casual, Berlin Gardens, Gathercraft, Life Outside, and more. We also offer a large selection of all-weather wicker with plush cushion seating. This is a gift that will be cherished and appreciated. 

Option #2 is the icing on the cake! The finishing touch. Select a great outdoor umbrella to compliment the set you already have. Then add an umbrella light for ambience and to complete the mood. You’ve just created your own outdoor go-to paradise.

The obvious. After all, we’re Eastgate Pools & Spas!

Get the whole family an amazing Valentine’s present: a swimming pool! This is the ultimate Option #1. We’ve sold and installed tens of thousands over the past forty-plus years, including in-ground, above-ground, and hybrid Sensation Pools. Already a pool owner? Satisfy your gifting needs with Option #2—a gift basket of pool toys and games, floats, and inflatables. And for the grand finale, add a robotic pool cleaner. Then, sit back together and enjoy a cool refreshing drink while the robot does the pool cleaning work for you.

Already have everything you might need for the pool? Hey—there’s always a bucket of chlorine. Then again, if it comes down to this, I’d go with the candy, flowers, or necktie.

And so...

Joking aside, we’re here to help you offer up something unique and different this Valentine’s Day. I think they (whoever ‘they’ are) call this thinking outside the box. My question is simple. Why not?