When You Think You’re Early, You Might Already be Late

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I’m in the middle of my 16th year here at Eastgate Pools and I’ve seen every kind of season you can imagine.  When the housing market crashed, there was a significant reduction of pool sales in the industry.  Lending institutions tightened their requirements and that nest egg of equity in houses effectively disappeared.   The last few years we’ve experienced steady increases, especially with the recent tariffs, and the demand couldn’t be any higher.  Each year we sell out of dates for inground pool installations sooner and sooner.  Combine that with historic rain fall and dates for installation get pushed out significantly.  If you’re in the market for a pool, whether aboveground or inground, there is no time better than the present.  We still have dates for installation on abovegrounds, but we are already scheduling for next year for ingrounds.  Stop in and see us so we can get you ready as soon as possible.