Where to Find a Hot Tub in Greater Cincinnati

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First off, let’s revisit the terms ‘hot tub’ and ‘spa’.

You must go back to the genesis of the industry to understand today’s terminology. Decades ago, there were ‘spas’ and there were ‘hot tubs’. Hot tubs began as round, wooden tubs with gently flowing heated water. They were more relaxing than therapeutic. Spas came along later, introducing acrylic and other synthetic shells. Water was now forced through a piping system, delivering pressurized flow for muscle massage. Well folks, somewhere along the way, the terms did a veritable flip-flop.

Hot Tub

If you did a google search for ‘spas’, you no doubt found lots of wonderful businesses. To name a few services, they often advertise holistic wellness, massage therapy, skin care, and tranquil relaxation. In short, they have commandeered the term ‘spa.’ If you googled ‘hot tub’, that’s where we come in. Unfortunately, many current hot tub retailers and manufacturers already had ‘Spas’ in their name. Cue: Eastgate Pools & Spas. We’ve had that name for decades—almost forty years—and we’re not changing. It’s how we are known throughout the region.

Finding a hot tub can be easy and hard at the same time.

I’ll explain. When shopping for a hot tub, it isn’t good enough just to find a trusted retailer. You also must trust the product line(s) they carry. Heck, it’s easy to open a hot tub store and find a product to sell. There are lots of manufacturers out there begging to get their units on display. Unfortunately, some of these companies are short-lived, while others focus on being “cheaper than the other guy”. Here’s a buying adage to live by: It’s unwise to spend too much, but equally unwise to spend too little.

Hot tub sales reps are frequent visitors to the store. We understand the business and appreciate that they want space on our showroom floor. After all, we sell LOTS of hot tubs, and they want to be a part of the action. This is where I get a little arrogant. In selecting what lines Eastgate Pools & Spas carry, we are highly selective. We don’t have to settle like some of the smaller retailers. We have a certain degree of pick-and-choose, and we have high standards. We’ve even dropped several lines when the quality waned. Beyond that, some raised their prices beyond what we felt was in-line with our expectations. Today, several of our former hot tub lines can be found in other retailers’ showrooms.  Of course, there are other retailers with quality lines, so we are not alone. But close.

Our philosophy.

We want quality components and engineering where it counts, and that’s usually out of sight. Sure, pretty shells are important, but so are the little things. Sub-frame support, insulation, control systems, hi-flow water movement, and uniformity in shell thickness. Motor size, user control from comfortable seats. Filtration! These generally aren’t eye-popping features that reach out and say: “Look at me!” But I’ll use an analogy I’ve spoken many times.

“Imagine you’ve got the car you’ve always dreamed of. It’s setting in your driveway, the sun glistening off the perfect paint job. The rims sparkle and the tinted windows give you a sense of mystery and the expectation of total driving pleasure. Then you sit inside. The seats are okay, but maybe not as comfortable as you’d like. Then you press the fancy ignition button, and the engine turns but doesn’t start. You wait a couple seconds, then re-try. This time it starts, but black smoke belches out the tailpipe as the engine clearly has a problem. Then it dies.”

I don’t think this is what most people want in a hot tub. We offer quality, backed by a professional service department should the need arise.

Our hot tub lines.

We are proud to carry two amazing hot tub lines. Saratoga Spas and PDC Spas. Yes, you can tell they’ve both been around a long time because they have ‘Spas’ in their name.

Saratoga Spas has been around for over forty-five years. My first hot tub was a Polo model Saratoga and I got it back in the mid 1980’s. I will never forget the serial number: 000014. Even then, it was a dependable hot tub and I had it for ten years before selling it to a friend. He and his wife used it for many more years. Nearly forty years later, the Polo model is still in production.

PDC Spas is one of the oldest hot tub manufacturers in the world, in business for over sixty years. They supply several professional sports teams with therapeutic products. Furthermore, they also work with the Navy Seals to help develop effective aquatic exercise programs. To me, that speaks volumes about trusting a product line.

In closing.

A final note about our product lines. PDC are manufactured in central Pennsylvania, while Saratoga come from Latham, New York. This is significant. Freight costs to get hot tubs to our store are far less than units coming from the west coast. Or Mexico. With escalating long-distance freight rates, their proximity to Eastgate Pools could alone save you upwards of $700 to $1000.

Come visit us. We think you will like what you see.