Who likes meat loaf?

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I like meat loaf, sometimes. My family went recently to a local restaurant that served meat loaf as one of their menu options. I was skeptical but I ordered it anyway because I know multiple people that had ordered the meat loaf and said it was great. I thought it was so, so. I am not a great cook but I have a great oven and I think this is what truly makes the difference. I have a Big Green Egg and people are surprised that one would put or even fit a meat loaf on their grill. The Big Green Egg is truly a flexible cooking system and I don’t know why or how, but the food that comes off of that grill is superior to any other method of cooking I have tried. I believe it has to do with both the size and mass of the ceramics that are used to give a very even heat and the all natural charcoal that gives the food the subtle smokey flavoring that is just barely perceptible.  All that I truly know is that when I follow the simple internet directions for a standard meat loaf and I cook it on a Big Green Egg, it tastes (in my view) far superior than what one would get if they went to a restaurant and paid $15 for a couple small slices. I am not a good cook but I got a great grill and this is why people that own a Big Green Egg are fanatics, it makes them look like a much better cook than they really are.